Week 14: Hanging in There

This week’s graph looks much better than last week’s:

Graph: Week 14

But the daily caloric intake is still higher than I’d like it to be. I’m down about a half pound this week but that’s in spite of my efforts, not because of them. And, as I mentioned last week, I’m still nervous about the upcoming holidays. I know the answer already, “Don’t overeat!” or “Everything in moderation!” But we all know if it were truly that easy there wouldn’t be a fourteen brazillian dollar weight loss industry. I mentioned last week that I would reply to Roni’s comment in a blog post (or two) and I still intend to do so. However, it probably won’t be this week. In fact, I may wait until everyone’s Favorite Weight Loss Month: JANUARY. Which is only about, what, six days from now? At least that’s what it always feels like.

Week 14
Starting Weight 233.0
Current Weight 216.8
Change from Last Week -0.6
Lost So Far 16.2
Pounds To Go 17.8

Anyway, I’m happy about the slight downturn in weight in spite of everything else. I need to tuck that away in the back of my head as I’m faced with my various arch-nemeses this week. (Pumpkin pie, I’m looking at you.)

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