Nobody Cares About Your BlogThis is Charlie. Welcome to my blog. If you’re reading this, you must have accidentally Googled for pizza, chicken planks, bacon, Cheez-Its, mayonnaise, cheeseburger, and pizza again. Otherwise, I can’t think of a reason you would have found this particular blog among four billion other web sites.

So what’s it all about? Well, it used to be focused on weight loss, food, and what not. Now it’s just focused on the what not.

Fabulous Answers to Questions

  1. Why “Back to the Fridge”?
    It was a whimsical name with great logo potential that made more sense when I was primarily writing about food-related topics. Now it’s just a whimsical name with great logo potential.
  2. Hey aren’t you a famous author?
    No, I’m an unknown author.
  3. Are you going to be a famous author someday?
    Of course I am. What kind of question is that?
  4. Before you die?
    That’s the plan.
  5. So what do you write?
    Words. This blog, for example, is simply replete with words.
  6. Why aren’t there any ads on your site?
    You noticed! I ran basic Google ads for a while but they were both annoying and pointless. (Not to mention most were selling snake oil.) I like the clean, ad-free look. The clutter and annoyance weren’t worth the whopping seventy-two cents per month in revenue.
  7. Will you accept advertising in the future?
    I’m not opposed to it, if done right. Just go to the Contact page and let me know what you have in mind.
  8. Can I email you directly?
    Use the Contact page to send me email directly.
  9. What’s the capital of Wyoming?
  10. Do you like Rubik’s Cubes?
    Yes and no.
  11. Aren’t you a musician too?
    Yes and no.
  12. Why are you still answering questions? No one’s read this far.
    You don’t know that.
  13. Seriously. No one is reading this. You’re in danger of crossing the line between information and self-indulgence.
    That is an astute observation, gentle reader. I shall cease answering further questions.
  14. Awwww. . .

What’s New?

September 5, 2011

Version 5.0

  • Updated Template! Now supports “picture posts” directly on the fridge. (I know the site doesn’t look enormously different, but plenty changed behind the scenes to pull it off.)
  • It’s using fancy CSS3 stuff. I recommend Firefox, Chrome, or IE9 for best viewing. It looks fairly plain in IE8 and below.
  • There’s now one full post on the home page, plus excerpts/teasers for other posts.
  • You can comment right on the home page.
  • I wrote my first WordPress plug-in: support for an <art> tag for quickly and easily inserting drawings on the fridge.
  • Twitter support.

October 13, 2009

Version 4.0

  • New Focus: it’s not just for breakfast any more.
  • New Template: I went back to white (and less busy).
  • Feedburner support: Newsletter retired in favor of a service more reliable than mine.
  • Search functionality is back.
  • A really nice “All Posts” page for hardcore fans.
  • And lots of little invisible things which I can’t remember but I’m sure were very important because I spent time on them.

April 13, 2009

Version 3.0 (visit)

  • New layout: Site acts more like a “real” blog.
  • Improved sidebars, including an omnipresent blogroll.
  • Comment threading and gravitar support.
  • Can now subscribe to comments via email.
  • Cute (but confusing) fridge on index page removed.
  • Perma-link to my book.
  • Retired the “Return to Onederland” category.
  • And lots of little invisible things which take 90% of the effort.

November 3, 2008

Version 2.1 (visit)

  • New: Finally a Blogroll!
  • New: An FAQ at No Extra Charge
  • New: Easy-to-Read Category Pages
  • Updated: Home Page Fridge
  • Updated: “Top Five” List
  • Updated: Comments Form

August 25, 2008

Version 2.0 (visit)

  • Major overhaul: Back to the Fridge 2.0!
  • New Look and Feel
  • New Categories
  • Once a Day Posting
  • The Works…

May 1, 2007

Version 1.0 (visit)

  • The blog I mostly pretend didn’t exist.
  • Actually, it’s not that bad. There are few good posts in there!