Diet Vernors Ginger Ale

vernorsIt’s a fair bet to say that most of us were raised on sugar drinks. And with good reason. What better way to keep a growing kid’s mind sharp and focused than through a daily dose of eight pounds of pure cane sugar dissolved in ice water? I particularly remember summers growing up, my mom administering sugar to us kids at regular intervals, typically in a strong solution of Grape Kool-Aid.

As our count of years and the size of our midsections increased, we quickly realized we had to deal with the excess calories in one way or another. It only took three hundred and seventy-two magazine articles to convince us that switching to diet drinks was a quick fix. They promised us if we dropped the sugar sodas altogether, we could lose up to twelve pounds a week for eighteen straight months.

So we tried diet sodas. GAAACK. Apparently there was one minor detail the magazine articles overlooked. Diet sodas tasted like distilled pondwater with a splash of NyQuil. We dieters soon split into two camps: those that just gave up sodas completely (very few) and those that bit the bullet and kept drinking the pondwater.

If you have yet to make the switch yourself (or are in the former group and would love to taste a bubbly beverage from time to time) I would highly recommend Diet Vernors Ginger Ale. It is, by far, the best ginger ale out there. And I don’t mean that in a subjective, opinionated sort of way. This is an indisputable fact. I’ve known more than one diet soda hater who’s tried this beverage and didn’t spit it right back out. It’s that good.

So give it a shot. If you try it, like it, and it changes your life, please send me a six-pack in appreciation.