Here We Go Again

Welcome to the all new Back to the Fridge. If you’ve been to this site before, and things are looking a little strange around here today, visit the What’s New? page for an overview, as well as links to all the old content. If you’re new (or you really don’t care) then by all means continue reading this first post of the newly relaunched site. Just watch out for wet paint.

Ah, Onederland… that one-derful, almost mythical place where my weight, in pounds, begins with the number one. In the whole grand scheme of things, I suppose it’s not a very important place to be. The world has several trillion higher priorities. But unfortunately, this is one of mine.

At least it should be. I mean, if it were an actual priority I’d be there by now, wouldn’t I? The fact that I’ve had eighty-eight Day Ones is starting to make me think, “Hmmm… maybe this isn’t the priority I thought it was. Perhaps even I have several trillion higher priorities.”

If you’re new here, I highly recommend reading these two posts from the old blog to get you up to speed:

calendar scared

In short, about a year ago I started on my last trip back to Onederland. I dropped about twenty pounds in two months, then it stopped. Bam. After many half-hearted attempts at restarting, I finally got going again on July 28. I’ll keep you posted. I mean, of course I’ll keep you posted. It’s what this stupid blog is for in the first place.

Anyway, welcome to my first post of Back to the Fridge 2: Electric Boogaloo. Thanks for tuning in. I hope you like it here. Stop by every day for something new, or just be lazy and have the site delivered to you. Links are at the right.

2 Responses to “Here We Go Again”

Biz said
August 25, 2008 at 3:18 pm

Hey Charlie! Love the new look!

Back to the Fridge » Return to Onederland said
April 26, 2013 at 12:10 am

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