At times there are foods so spectacularly good, I alone cannot find the words to properly describe them. Though I do not speak of Pringles as often as other foods around here, this does not diminish my love of this well-formed, duck-billed potato crisp.

So let us turn to the works of prose of the great wordsmiths of the ages, and let them speak for me today. In fact, watch closely and you’ll hardly see my lips moving.

We begin, of course, with the one and only William Shakespeare.

O Pringles, Pringles, wherefore art thou Pringles?
I must deny thy crispy goodness and refuse thy tastiness;
For if I wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I’ll find myself 240 pounds again.

Or how about Charles Dickens?

“It was the best of snacks, it was the worst of snacks; it was the age of weight loss, it was the age of weight gain; we had pounds before us, we had pounds behind us; we were all going directly to the Pringles aisle, we were all going the other way.”

A little L. Frank Baum never hurt:

“No matter how dreary these salty snacks are, we people of flesh and blood would rather eat them than any sort of steamed vegetable, be it ever so beautiful: There is no snack like Pringles.”

And no literary quote tour would be complete without Jane Austen:

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a case of Pringles.

There you have it folks, I can’t do better than that. But that won’t stop me from trying. Enjoy your Friday and have a Pringle on me…

10 Responses to “Pringles”

Anna said
October 8, 2010 at 4:16 am


You funny man!

or should I say THY funny man!!

Happy Friday 🙂

Anna 😉

Glenn said
October 8, 2010 at 11:26 am

A man and his Pringles…

Julie said
October 8, 2010 at 8:54 pm

It’s a good thing I don’t like Pringles. To many other goodies out there. I was not good on the foods the past few days. If a horse would go by I’d probably eat that too.
Hope after my 5K tomorrow I can settle back into the good routine I know I can do.
Take care Charlie and have a great weekend. God Bless!!

JohnGL said
October 9, 2010 at 10:11 am

Eating a can of Pringles is the achievement of your happiness. It is the only moral purpose of your life. That happiness, not pain or mindless self-indulgence, is the proof of your moral integrity, since it is the proof and the result of your loyalty to the achievement of your values.
–Ayn Rand

    Charlie said
    October 10, 2010 at 6:18 pm


Tony (Mr. Biz) said
October 12, 2010 at 10:37 am

Your Sister made me buy $25 chips in a large tin container. She remembered them from her childhood. Charlie, would you spend $25 for Charles chips?

I for one, think the ultimate chip hails from downstate Illinois.

Their greasy goodness makes me very happy!

Biz said
October 12, 2010 at 10:42 am

And for the record, Mr. Biz’s potato chips cost twice as much as my chips, which were actually only $11 for the tin. 😀

Love, your prettier sister Biz

    Tony (Mr. Biz) said
    October 12, 2010 at 10:47 am

    Again, since we are involving the truth, I got hundreds of little bags of chips for my money. Hannah and I were eating them for many months.
    Your tin contained one bag of Jays chips.

    Sorry you had to see this Charlie, she needed to be slapped down!

    Charlie said
    October 12, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Wait a minute, you actually bought a can of Charles Chips? Those things are still around?

      Biz said
      October 12, 2010 at 1:05 pm

      Yep! We were at a Cracker Barrel a couple years ago – I saw the can in their gift shop and didn’t hesitate to buy it – it was $11.99 and filled with chips.

      Tony said they tasted worse than Jays Chips – I told him he was full of shit, hence he had to order his kettle cooked chips, I think he spent $11.99 on shipping alone!

      But he does have a one up on me – he did get more chips than I did 😀

      I still think Charles Chips are better!