Hungry Day

The only day worse than Monday is Hungry Day. A hungry day ironically happens when you’re doing well on the diet. You’re more or less satisfied with your chosen plan and recent progress. You have no real desire to cheat. Everything is otherwise fine.

Except you’re hungry.

All day.

Feed MeYou wake up gnawingly hungry and eat breakfast just to get your gizzards to stop grinding. This holds you for about forty minutes when suddenly your tummy raises the alarm again. So you eat the worst possible thing there is: an apple. Oh, you think you’re being good. Apples are good and natural and healthy. Except twenty minutes later you’re hungrier than if you ate a platter of bacon. So you find another snack. Or you try coffee. Or anything just to take the edge off. But you’re still hungry.

All day.

If The Switch is on, you’ll stick it out. You’ll eat two pounds of carrots, but at least you won’t completely fall off the wagon. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll crawl into a family sized bag of Ruffles potato chips like a heavy duty sleeping bag and wake up in the morning looking like an unappetizing pot-luck dinner offering.

Today was one of those days for me. Fortunately, they’ve been rare this go around. I’m pretty sure that consciously avoiding high glycemic foods (which I know for a fact is a major trigger for hunger attacks) has helped keep me honest. But that doesn’t mean days like this will be avoided completely for ever and ever.

Well, I’ve gotta get back to the fridge. There’s a two-pound bag of carrots in there with my name on it.