Attempt 105, Week 1

Well, I’m now one week into the reboot. As with my post-holiday fix, I began the week with a bit of fasting of sorts. It goes like this: eat nothing at all until you get hungry, usually around twelve hours after waking up, and then eat fifteen thousand calories in a half hour. How can you go wrong with a plan like that?

While that’s a slight exaggeration, that is essentially the pattern I followed. And it produced some interesting results. Let’s get right to the graph:

Graph: Attempt 105, Week 1

The section in flames is above 220 and the point I never want to exceed again. The storm clouds represent that zone between Onederland and 220 where I’ve spent soooo much time lately. And did you check out that new addition to the charts? That’s right, kids: you now get two (count ’em) TWO y-axes for the price of one. The left y-axis is the usual weight indicator: the red line. The right y-axis is caloric intake: the blue bars.

The daily values are staggered a bit, representing the morning weight followed by that day’s feedings, again followed by the next day’s weigh in. It’s complicated by design. Anything this stupid just has to work, right?

As you can see, I had one really bad day: Thursday, where I was attacked by half a pound of cashews and could do nothing to defend myself against the vicious onslaught but grind them with my molars. The red line continued to go down the next day, which is what’s known in this industry as “dodging a bullet.” You can also see I had two very low calorie days: well under 1,000, so perhaps that had something to do with it. 🙂

Week One
Starting Weight 224.0
Current Weight 220.3
Change from Last Week -3.7
Lost So Far 3.7
Pounds To Go 21.3

Anyway, I dropped six pounds in five days until–bam–for no reason at all (other than Murphy’s Law) I popped up a pound and a half right at the very end. I decided to celebrate this with a trip to Pei Wei where I realized every dish served is actually eight and a half servings. Oops.

BUT, I’m off to yet another good start. Just like the previous 104 attempts. I’m positive this one will be different. How? Why, I’ve never ever eaten at Pei Wei before, of course.

4 Responses to “Attempt 105, Week 1”

Biz said
March 8, 2011 at 9:57 am

You are so funny Charlie – I love the flames and storm clouds!

I am amazed that I only gained .6 pounds the three weeks I took “off” when Tony was sick and in the hospital.

One funny thing – at the hospital they actually had WW meals – one day they had baked ziti for 6 points, it looked good, so I got that with 0 points of steamed broccoli. Only problem was that she put four servings of ziti on my plate!

I told her that because it was a WW dish, that there should be a specific portion, to which I got a blank stare – it still amazes me how shitty hospital food is – I mean this is what the doctors and nurses have to eat too!

Hope you have a great day Charlie – Love, your prettier sister, Biz

Anna said
March 8, 2011 at 5:36 pm

Hey Charlie,

So pleased you’re on the wagon again!! I have also leapt back on this week after a hectic week skiing last week. I haven’t weighed yet, but will do so on friday.

I hope you can keep out of the flames and get into onederland by the summer. I plan on losing 18lbs by/during summer…..

well, here’s hoping!! Lent is a good start – just give up everything for 40 days…


Anna 🙂

Julie said
March 10, 2011 at 7:09 pm

Charlie, Good luck with attempt number 105. May this be the last one. You know the rules, you know the way, you’ve got the map. You can do it, I know you can.
I’m at the 180 now, hoping so much to start the 170’s the coming week.
Take care Charlie. God Bless!!

MamaBearJune said
March 19, 2011 at 12:44 am

Seems like there are many of us who fell off for a bit or a while and are getting back into the fight. 🙂 Keep making healthy choices!