I kicked off my latest and greatest weight loss attempt on August 15, 2010. Going off the “strength in numbers” concept, I wanted to see if anyone else felt like trying this along with me. Thus was born Charlie’s Great Weight-Loss Train Thingy Something or Other of 2010 and Beyond.

If you also believe in strength in numbers, then follow the directions here:

Charlie's on Board

And I’ll add your picture here, just like with these folks. (Note: some pics link back to web sites. Click away!)

Julie's on Board

Jo's on Board

Anna's on Board

Tish is on Board

Debbi's on Board

Biz is on Board

The great thing about trains is there’s no arbitrary upper limit to the number of cars it can pull. Theoretically, with a strong enough engine and a long enough track, you can keep adding cars to a train forever. That means it’s never too late to hop on!

While the photo seems like such a minor thing, it might be enough to tip the scale, so to speak. Every single moment of every day is a decision. I talked about this in my Psych Out post a good while back. It goes something like this: As you’re wavering in front of a box of cookies, millions of neurons are firing in your brain. A thousand different decision vectors are being added in the blink of an eye. The sum of these vectors dictates whether you will eat the cookies or head off on a brisk walk instead.

This photo—this commitment—is just one of those vectors. It may be weak or strong: I don’t know. But at least it’s there. It’s one more arrow in your quiver and you never know when “one” is what will tip the balance away from the cookies and over toward your goal.

We have a strong engine and an infinite amount of track. It’s never too late to hop on.